At Kian Hua, we pride ourselves as having the largest inventories of car parts, both original and from original equipment manufacturer (OEM). Our integrated stocking location and distribution centre comes together under one roof for a faster response time and more efficient operation.

We have built an extensive supply chain network over the decades. We have in place a reliable order-management system, and operate an optimised, multi-modal transportation management network to serve the growing needs of our customers, and ensure the time delivery of your critical car parts.

Our integrated hub at 7 Jalan Lembanh, Kallang
Multi-modal distribution to tailor to your specific needs

You can register for a customised portal for the purchasing and tracking of your orders at your convenience. Transactions are made through a safe and secure network. We have state-of-the-art transportation management technologies to supplement our dispatch fleet in tracking and ensuring on-time delivery across Singapore.

GPS tracking to update the status of your orders
Online Portal for easy access to outstanding invoices and payment